Everybody is part of our planet. It is not only our home, but also our playground and we should all take care of it, no matter how big or small you are.

We do our utmost best to preserve and make the world a better place. From the materials we use, the transport and the packaging you receive at home, everything is sustainable, bio-degradable and ethically produced.

The silver and gold we use for every piece of every collection is recycled, which means that no mining took place in the process to get the materials out of the ground, but it’s being given a new life and purpose.

The way we transport everything is done in a way that provides less CO2 emission.

Our packaging is made out of bio-degradable material that uses natural glue and water based ink that requires no extra energy to be made. It is FSC® certified and industrially compostable.

With Wild Youth we tend to make and give something timeless, unique and beautiful to everyone that feels our identity and vision without putting pressure on our home.