Adam Andrew Silva, born 22nd of July 1998.

As a young kid I was always intrigued by many things that happened around me. From people, to nature, to even how the ocean smells and sounds. Picking up everything from a kid until today that made me see things how they are or should be, I created Wild Youth. It stands for living life in a way that everyone should do everything that their heart desires, no matter how weird it sounds or feels. To be free, to be fulfilled.

Being inspired by people I’ve met and came across over the years, Wild Youth was created to give inspiration, motivation and hope to live your best life possible. To always have a wild youthful side in yourself, no matter the age, to take risks and embrace them to unlock your full potential. It were the wild and youthful ones that changed the world.

When I got my first sketchbook, my drawing skills were the same as a regular 4 year old. I locked myself up in the bedroom at my parents place for hours and spent months of watching youtube tutorials of how to draw a ring and sketched 100’s of examples until I got better and better. The whole process took me about 4-5 months of late nights, trial and error to finish it and be happy with the final collection that it is today. I wanted it to be authentic so I drew everything with paper and pencil.

Having both Portuguese as Dutch roots, it was the only way to give Wild Youth the best of both worlds.Born and designed in Amsterdam, handmade in Portugal by a family business that makes jewelry for a 100+ years. 

Every piece that is made and you receive is a reflection of a feeling and vision of mine and I hope that it will bring you as much joy and happiness as it does to me. 

From me to you,

Thank you.