Born from an idea, feeling and passion. Wild Youth is created, crafted and inspired by people who dare to be themselves by taking control and enjoying life in the best way possible. Having references from world changers that contributed to nature, sports, history, culture, to close friends and family. This is the story and meaning to live freely, on the edge, but most of all, fulfilled.

Made by hand in Portugal by a family business from a father to his children, it represents care, craftsmanship and uniqueness on its own. From the first step till the last, it has been touched by many for it to be authentic and for you to receive the best results possibleWith love for jewelry, character and style we want to create a world that you can relate to.

Looking at al important things on our planet, like people, nature, animals and climate we work solely with materials and packagings in a way that does no harm to it.   

‘We are beautiful, we are the wild youth.’

Welcome to the journey, vision and beauty.
Welcome to the family.